All students can apply for an Erasmus grant. It is a grant from the Flemish Community. The amount of the scholarship depends on 2 factors:

  • the category you belong to
  • the country of destination


In Flanders there are two different Erasmus grants amounts, based on family income.

Belgian students can belong to Category 1 or Category 2. All other students can only belong to Category 2.

Category 1

If you pay the reduced registration fees at the university, which is the case for:

  • The ‘scholarship student’: a student who meets the financial criteria for obtaining a study grant from the Flemish Community.
  • The ‘near-scholarship student’: has a reference income of a max. € 1,512 above the upper limit of the study grants.

Category 2

All other students



The destination countries are divided into three groups:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Denmark Cyprus Bugaria
Finland Germany Estonia
Ireland France Hungary
Iceland Greece Croatia
Liechtenstein Italy Latvia
Luxemburg The Netherlands Lithuania
Norway Malta Poland
The United Kingdom Austria Romania
Sweden Portugal Slovenia
Spain Slovakia
Czech Republic
Former Republic of

The Erasmus scholarship amounts are as follows:

Destination Category 1 Category 2
Group 1 € 435 per month € 335 per month
Group 2 € 385 per month € 285 per month
Group 3 € 335 per month € 235 per month

The Erasmus grant covers maximum 12 monthsstarting in the 3rd term of the first academic year in Deusto (Spain) or Bordeaux (France).

You can’t apply for this grant for the period that you will stay in Antwerp. This means that during the 1st year you can apply for your mobility to:

  • France: € 285 (€ 385) per month
  • Spain: € 285 (€ 385) per month

In the 2nd year the grant will depend on the place where you will do your Internship and/or your Master’s Thesis.

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