Master objective

The main objective of the Joint Master’s Degree in Sustainable Automotive Engineering is to train competent engineers who are committed to the future automotive industry, as well as to the environment and to greater economic and social sustainability.

The graduates of the programme  will  satisfy  the  needs  of  the  automotive  industry  for  highly  qualified  professionals with up‐to‐date knowledge and skills, who are able to take up positions in a  number of related areas (such as manufacturing, research and development, regulatory bodies  and so on) or continue with further studies.

Profile of the graduates

Those who fulfill their studies on the Joint Master’s Degree in Sustainable Automotive Engineering are professionals that:

  • Have a significant insight in new engine technologies, green fuels and emissions.
  • Are capable of improving efficiency of gasoline and diesels engines and of reducing emissions of such engines.
  • Can analyse and modify the dynamic behavior of road vehicles.
  • Can design and size the power electronics components of electric drivetrains.
  • Have knowledge on entrepreneurship and management at international level.
  • Can characterize and calibrate engines from the test point of view.
  • Are able to analyze and solve low carbon powertrain problems focusing on overall efficiency and emissions
  • Can design different Electrical Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) powertrains.
  • Can provide engineering solutions meeting complex system specifications.
  • Understand the ramifications of Electromobility.
  • Have a significant insight on Intelligent Transportation systems to improve driving and traveling energy efficiency.
  • Can optimize the vibroacoustic ride comfort of electric vehicles.
  • Can create light weight automotive components with good impact behavior.