In the second year of the JMDSAE students will have the opportunity to do an internship (1st semester) and a Master’s Thesis (2nd semester) with one of our Associated Partners.

Our partners

Students Master’s Thesis topics (2017-2019)

  • Innovative Chassis Concept Development – GESTAMP, Germany
  • Predictive modelling for an advanced manufacturing System – AIC, Spain
  • Battery cooling: analysis of the flow & cooling capacity of a cooling fluidum through a battery pack (cylindrical cells) – PUNCH POWERTRAIN, Belgium
  • Current state of the art EV and Hybrid propulsions configurations and their mechanical and electromechanical vibration challenges – DYNA-LYTICS, UK
  • The effect of ICE Downsizing and Downspeeding on automotive powertrain vibrations – DYNA-LYTICS, UK
  • Modeling of an electric drive train – AIC, SPain
  • Prediction of fuel rail life for the new gasoline engines – CIE, Spain
  • ‘Real driving emissions’ calibration – TOYOTA MOTOR EUROPE, Belgium
  • Developing on machine learning/deep learning methods – UNIVERSITY OF DEUSTO, Spain
  • Intership & Master’s Thesis at GKN DRIVELINE, Germany
  • Intership & Master’s Thesis at CALSTATE, USA
  • Intership & Master’s Thesis at SIEMENS, Belgium
  • Intership & Master’s Thesis at TH KÖLN, Germany

Students Master’s Thesis topics (2018-2020)

  • On-board diagnostics/powertrain diagnostics – BMW, Germany
  • Internship & Master’s Thesis at Nagoya University of Technology, Japan
  • Internship & Master’s Thesis at University of Deusto, Spain

Other placements still in progress for academic year 2019-2020.