Funding through University of Bordeaux

Students enrolled at the University of Bordeaux may benefit from different types of financial support for their international mobility experience.

Students who embark on a mobility period (study or internship) as part of their academic program may apply for financial support.
The Aquitaine Regional Council has developed the “Aquimob” platform covering four kinds of grants (Erasmus+, Aquitaine Cap Mobility, International Mobility Government Support and grants from IdEx Bordeaux).
An Allocation Committee decides on the awarding of grants according to the allocation criteria for each scheme (student’s social status and merit, specific mobility programs and duration).

Please note:

  • Only one grant can be awarded for any given mobility period (with the exception of the IdEx Bordeaux grant which operates via a different system and can be awarded in addition to the other three grants).
  • It is strictly impossible to combine the Erasmus, Aquitaine Cap Mobility and International Mobility Government Support grants.

For more information, please check here and here.