The University of Deusto in Bilbao has been training successful professionals for over 30 years in different engineering fields such as computing, electronics, automation, telecommunications and industrial organisation. To date, more than 9,000 engineering graduates from Deusto are working in companies and organisations worldwide.

The Faculty of Engineering has been characterised from the start by offering a number of innovative courses that are adapted to the social and professional reality. The promotion of innovation in teaching, the practical nature of its courses, the careful guidance of students, the close contact with the companies that employ our engineers, have always been some of our hallmarks.

During the 09/10 academic year, we implemented the engineering degrees after adapting our courses to the framework of the new European Higher Education Area (‘Bologna Process’) and to the professional profiles required by the industry.

One of the pillars on which education in our Faculty rests is research and technological development, which is carried out by Deustotech, the research centre associated with the Faculty. Research projects allow our lecturers to stay at the highest scientific and technological level, and they also offer students the opportunity to work in areas of specialization and take their first steps in research and technological innovation.

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