Housing @ Antwerp

As you will only stay for a short period (4 months) in Antwerp, it’s recommendable to start looking for accommodation asap.


You can explore accommodation options via Kotweb. Kotweb offers the largest range of student accommodation in Antwerp and is moreover the reference for top quality student accommodation.  It is a unique collaboration between GATE 15, the social services of the Antwerp higher education establishments, the city of Antwerp, the Antwerp fire brigade and the police.

Together, they have drawn up transparent regulations, rights and obligations concerning quality (fire and burglary) safety and a proper lease.  All accommodation is systematically checked against minimum standards for living conditions and fire safety and verified by a quality label per premise on Kotweb. Kotweb also provides a standard lease that students are recommended to use.



GATE 15 also provides helpful student housing information on youth hostels, student housing, tenant unions, rental forms and general rules for living in a student house.

Tips and tricks

A lot of information to handle, start with our tips and tricks.

Room reservation

We strongly advise you to make your room reservation as early as possible, as this will enhance your chances of finding suitable accommodation.

The rent of a furnished room is about € 310/month for a full academic year.

Studios are more expensive and cost about € 380/month or more. A surplus might be charged for shorter rental periods.

Note that the costs for water, electricity and heating are usually not included in the rental price.​

Provisional charge

A property owner can choose to either charge a fixed amount for utilities such as heating, electricity, water etc. or work with a provisional charge. The provisional charge is paid in advance and actual usage amounts are calculated at the end of the lease.

Avoid any nasty surprises and ensure you clarify which of these two systems will be applied before you sign a lease.

Reluctant to book a room in advance

If you are reluctant to book a room in advance, you can come to Antwerp a week or two before the academic year starts to look at options. In this case, you are advised to book a room in a youth hostel or a budget hotel for the first nights of your stay.

Hostel bookings should be made in time.

Never sign a document you don’t fully understand

Ask for an English translation and keep in mind that you are legally responsible for what you sign.


A deposit is usually one or two months’ rent. If you pay via a bank transfer, you always have a proof of payment. However, if you pay cash upon arrival you also need to ask for proof of payment! Never pay rent or deposit through Western Union.

A deposit is just that, a deposit. It is not a way to pay your last month’s rent.


Make sure you check what furnishings are included with the accommodation, and whether you need to buy your own towels, bed linen (sheets, pillow, pillow case and blankets) and kitchen utensils. A sleeping bag may be a good temporary solution!

Campus location

Check your campus location to ensure your room is in the neighbourhood.

Campus Groenenborger 

Please note that a bad connection from your student room to your campus is not a reason to end your contract with your landlord! So always check the distance to the campus.

Last update : 12/09/2017