Associated Industrial Partners

Research centers and industries in the automotive sector can become associated to the Green-DRIVE project and to the Joint Master’s Degree in Sustainable Automotive Engineering. There are different kinds and levels of collaboration depending on their own interests.

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Industrial partners

Industrial partners will be support the Joint Master’s Degree in offering students internships.

It is possible to combine both the internship and the thesis into a single year-long project.

Large multi-year projects can also be carried out by successive groups of students.

Potential topics include:

  • System approach involving vehicle and powertrain components simulation.
  • Energy storage system simulation, ageing analysis.
  • Vehicle optimisation taking into account greenhouse gas emissions, dynamic and range performance for conventional, hybrid and electric cars.
  • Transport organisation.
  • New fuels.
  • Impact analysis.

 Within that context, industrial partners will have at their disposal a pool of well trained, highly motivated students to help in their research and development activities.

 High level professionals from industry can also be a valuable source for direct participation in teaching activities either in the regular subjects or for guest seminars on specific topics.

 It is also expected that industrial partners will provide useful information and advice to maintain the course syllabus up-to-date.

Industrial partners can become members of the NRG or Advisory board.

JOIN US – Become an Academic Partner

Willing to become an Associated Partner? It is possible to support us in the frame of Internships, Master Thesis, Guest lectures and more. Please have a look at our Letter of Intent.

For more information, please contact :

Ms Sofie Krol – University of Antwerp, Faculty of Applied Engineering –


Last update : 20/01/2017