Green Drive Project

Automotive companies face the challenge of adapting to a fast-changing world.  Fossil fuels are running out, CO2 emissions must be reduced, exhaust gases must be cleaner.  The impact of human mobility on the World’s ecosystems and on climate change should be minimised while, at the same time, the transport industry must find ways of satisfying the specific needs of emerging new markets.

It is essential for the automotive sector to develop alternative energy sources and demonstrate innovative and technological creativity.


The Green DRIVE project (Green Development, Research and Innovation in Vehicle Engineering) is developing a Joint Master’s Degree in Sustainable Automotive Engineering (JMDSAE) that will train engineers in the skills and knowledge they need to work in the automotive industry of the future.

Our innovative curriculum and partnerships with major industrial and research organizations give our students a solid grounding to start a fruitful career in the industry.


Automotive companies face the challenge of adapting to the changes and needs in the energy sector of decreased fossil fuels  and the need  for the development of  cleaner and more efficient  alternative energy sources to reduce  C02 emissions. Especially in the emerging and very large Asian markets.

Tomorrow’s Vehicles: Challenge for Industry and University

Innovative Programme

This  innovative  programme will cover all different aspects of the  electric and hybrid electric vehicle  to meet the ever changing  energy needs of the automobile industry and  pollution reduction.

The courses will present the most recent technology and knowledge in Thermal, Electrical and hybrid vehicle powertrains on the component and systems level, as well as cover  fuels, control and calibration, transportation organization.

Courses on vehicle modelling, formulation, analysis and implementation of simulation tools for advanced engineering problems,  a number of  general skills  required in any rapidly evolving field will also be studied such as researching techniques,  as well  business and innovation.

All classes will be taught in English and language classes in each country will be available.

The first year  of the Master degree will be taught at 4 different universities  of the consortium by top professors  in this area Innovative Automotive Engineering   in 4 different countries which will provide a rich multi-cultural background and develop the students’ ability to adapt quickly and work in  different international environments.

The second year of the Master will be a 6 months internship in Industry  or a  research laboratorypartner and followed  a 6 months thesis carried out in one of the University academic partners. The associated partners welcoming students  are leading actors of the automotive field  to insure that students will be part of innovative projects.


Last update : 19/01/2017