The Green DRIVE Joint Master’s Degree in Sustainable Automotive Engineering is a 2-year course of 120 credits. Our objective : train engineers in the skills and knowledge they need to work in the automotive industry of the future.

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You will study the first year of the Master’s degree in 3 out of the 4 participating universities; that is, in 3 different countries.  This rich multi-cultural background will help to develop your ability to adapt quickly and to work in different international environments.

During the second year of the Master you will work for 6 months either in industry or in a research laboratory. Our associated partners are leaders in the automotive field and you will be part of innovative and exciting projects. After this period of work placement, you will have a further 6 months to work on your thesis in either one of the participating universities or in another approved institution or organisation.

All classes will be taught in English.

Classes in the language of each country where you study will be available.

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Last update : 4/11/2015