Brussels Airport

The international airport of Brussels (Zaventem) is the most frequently used gateway to Antwerp. There are flights from all major European cities as well as from the most important overseas metropoles. Various airlines fly into Brussels airport.
From the airport you can travel to Antwerp by taking the train or the airport express bus.
The direct train to Antwerp takes approximately 37 minutes and runs twice an hour. Time schedules and fares can be found on
The airport express bus runs every hour and reaches the centre of Antwerp in approximately 45 minutes. Read more on the Airport Express website.

Brussels South – Charleroi Airport

If you fly with Ryanair, it’s possible that you arrive at the airport of Brussels South, near Charleroi. You can travel to Antwerp by train (first take a bus to the Charleroi train station), or by bus shuttle. Easy Shuttle provides a bus service seven times a day. The journey takes approximately 1:15 h. Reservations and more info on, or on the website of Charleroi airport.

Antwerp Airport – Deurne

Antwerp Airport is a small international airport situated in Deurne. Antwerp Airport offers regular flights between Antwerp and several European cities like London, Geneva, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan. Bus routes 51, 52 and 53 from De Lijn provide a regular connection with the railway station Antwerpen-Berchem from where national and international train connections will bring you to your destination. Take tram 9 at Antwerpen-Berchem to go to the city centre. For more info on destinations and flight schedules, visit the Antwerp Airport website.

Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands)

Many low cost airline companies like Ryanair, JetairFly and Transavia operate to and from Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands. From Einhoven Airport it’s an one hour ride to Antwerp by car. The train takes you in approximately 2:15 h to Antwerpen Centraal. For more info consult the website of Eindhoven Airport.


Antwerp is easy to reach by train. International railway lines link Brussels and Antwerp to several other major European cities.

The European high-speed train project includes the Thalys, the Eurostar and the Eurotunnel. There are direct rail links with different cities in France, the Netherlands and Germany. Antwerp can be reached from the UK by Eurostar via Brussels.

Antwerp has two main stations: Central Station and Berchem station.

Belgium has the most dense rail network in the world. Trains run at regular intervals between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.; later in the evenings only a selection of trains run until about 11 p.m. Trains run less frequently during the weekends. There are first and second class compartments, and a standard return (round-trip) fare is double the price of a single (one-way) fare. Smoking is not allowed. A ticket is only valid for one day. Children under the age of twelve travel for free. Read more on Belgian Rail for detailed information on time schedules, train connections, travel options,…


Eurolines is one of the cheapest ways to come to Antwerp. The Eurolines bus goes to the centre of the city (Van Stralenstraat 8, 2060 Antwerp).


Flixbus offers cheap busses to Paris, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

De Lijn

Within the province and the city of Antwerp transport is organised by the public transport company De Lijn. Buses leave to all parts of the city from Antwerp Central Station. From the bus station Rooseveltplaats which is close to the Central Station. There are direct bus links to various other towns and cities.

All destinations are within easy reach by car. Antwerp itself lies at the crossroads of the E17, E19, E34, and E313 motorways.