Who can apply?

Holders of a relevant degree from an approved university or students in their last year of a Bachelor programme.

Relevant subjects include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • automotive engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • electromechanical engineering
  • electronics/ICT with specialisation in automotive engineering
  • electronics and automation
  • industrial technology
  • industrial engineering
  • industrial electrical engineering.

Curriculum Vitae

When preparing your CV (in Europass-format), make sure you clearly specify following items in your CV:

  • Are you proficient with system modelling software or do you have any programming skills?
  • Do you have any research skills like a peer reviewed publication and/or participation in a funded research project?
  • Did you already successfully follow any automotive engineering related course like e.g. combustion engines, vehicle dynamics, …?
  • Are you proficient in mechatronics?
  • Did you participate in any automotive related student competition?
  • Do you have professional working experience related to automotive engineering / development?


All documents or queries should be addressed to the Programme Co-ordinator:

Ms Sofie Krol
University of Antwerp
Faculty of Applied Engineering
Campus Groenenborger – office T.204
Groenenborgerlaan 171
2020 Antwerp