Finding accommodation in Bordeaux can be a challenge! There are different options, including the following: university residences, halls of residence/residential hotels and private rental.

CROUS Accommodation

If you wish to apply for a room in the university residence, you must complete an application on the Internet site of the Regional Center of Student Social Services (CROUS) before the end of April.

Apartments for rent

In order to rent accommodation in France, you need to sign a lease called a ‘bail‘. You will also need to pay a deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent), and take out a housing insurance policy. The rent is paid at the beginning of each month, except for residential hotels. When leaving your accommodation, you must give 1 to 3 months’ notice, depending on the type of accommodation and depending on the circumstances.

If you would like to rent out private accommodation, you may go to an estate agency where you will have to pay rental management fees. If you do not wish to pay agency fees, you may rent through the private sector.

Other places to find housing

If you do not manage to find accommodation with the CROUS, other options include: social housing, renting in the private sector, private student residences, “Habitat Jeunes” (Youth Habitat) residences, youth hostels, home hospitality…

Here are some useful Internet addresses to help you get started: